Baxtre Users


Baxtre is designed as a financial resource management system.
Consequently it's specified to support the treasury function of corporations rather than those of banks or institutional investors.
With its multi-entity multi-level structure Baxtre is particulary well-equipped to meet the requirements of multi-entity multi-level corporations, though it serves less complex organisations also to their entire satisfaction. Size of the organisation is not a particularly important factor, but existence and size of a treasury is, as well as a number of specific situations.

Established Treasuries

Baxtre-users in established treasuries can be categorized according to the size of their treasury: small, medium or large. The relevancy is that size of the treasury has a large impact on resources and system requirements. For each category Baxtre offers unique capabilities and value.

First-time Treasury System users

First-time Treasury System Users form a special category.  The Baxtre structure and reports which have been developed by treasury professionals makes a quick start possible.  Work flow, control and productivity improvements are quickly available.

LBO/MBO Situations

This is a separate category due to the special circumstances that LBO & MBO situations create. Divestments from large internationals have little time to set-up a treasury, let alone a treasury system. Baxtre has built an impressive track-record in this category, because of the very short implementation time without parametrisation.