System Versions

Baxtre can be supplied in a Corporate or Global system version. The Corporate version allows to choose between single and multi-user, the Global version is multi-user only.

Corporate / Single-user

This version allows one user to access all entities and consolidation levels, according to personalised authorities, offering the full power of the entire system at very low maintenance costs. Ideal for treasury start-up situations.

Corporate / Multi-user

This version is a multi user version to be implemented on a LAN or WAN. It allows all users simultaneous access to all entities and consolidation levels, according to individually determined authorities. Ideal for corporate treasuries and their backoffices as long as decentral treasury operations do not require system-support.

Global / Multi-user

This version offers selective access to any entity or any group of entities defined in Baxtre. Thus, one Baxtre can simultaneously serve individual operating companies as well as local/regional treasuries as well as the corporate treasury. Applied as an intranet based system, Baxtre is truly capable to span the world and support the entire treasury function worldwide. Specialised financing vehicles, projects, managed minority interests or any other "special situation" can also easily be included. There are two options available for the IT infrastructure to use a Global Baxtre as an internet application: Baxtre-As-A-Service or installed on a proprietary server in a WAN which can also be turned into a safe intranet.