Multi-entity Multi-level Structure

Baxtre is designed to support the Financial Resource Management function of multi-entity multi-level corporations. To meet the requirements of such corporations every Baxtre consists of identical packages for every entity defined in Baxtre. The consolidation module of the Baxtre base system allows for any required consolidation to be defined.

Financial Resource Management

Treasury in corporations is different from treasury in banks (trading) or institutional investors (asset management). In most corporations, treasury is to be defined as financial resource management. Consequently, just like all other resource management functions, treasury is a multi-level function, requiring support at all levels.

Unlimited number of entities

The available positions for an entity number is 6, therefore the theoretical possible total number of entities is 999.998, for each of whom an entire system is available. This structure results in unlimited possibilities to serve individual operating companies. The definition of an entity is free, so not only operating companies but also projects or functions could be defined as an entity (such as for instance the corporate treasury).

Unlimited number of levels

Most multi-entity corporations have also multi-levels (countries, divisions, business groups, etc.). If they span the world, they also might have national or regional treasuries. As Baxtre supports an unlimited number of different consolidation levels, the entire organisation is able to use Baxtre as it can be fully specified to everyones place in the organisation.

Corporate or Global Access

Access to Baxtre can be restricted to the corporate treasury only or can be extended to every entity / level defined, according to a centrally managed authorisation table as available in the Global system version.

Multi-level information

As all data are specified per entity and can be consolidated to any level, Baxtre provides all information required to monitor the entire function worldwide.