Modular Design

Baxtre can be made to measure according to current needs, ensuring at the same time that future needs can be easily met with plug-in extensions. For that purpose Baxtre's base system can be supplemented with contract modules and system supplements.

Base System

Baxtre's Base System contains general functions and default settings as well as the complete set up of the organisation (entities, counterparties, currencies, interest compensation circuits, bank accounts, etc.) and the Baxtre user table.

Contract Modules

Currently Baxtre has 17 two-sided Contract Modules divided inĀ four sections:

  1. Debt / Investment contracts
  2. Interest Derivative contracts
  3. Foreign Exchange contracts
  4. Guarantees

Every module is fully integrated with all other functions in Baxtre. So, adding a new contract in any module implies an automatic update of all relevant positions, including bank account balances, for all cash flows during the entire life of the contract.

System Supplements

In addition to contract modules, Baxtre can be further enhanced and customized through the use of System Supplements. System Supplements add specific functionality such as netting, with great ease, because all supplements are plug-in extensions and fully integrated with all other parts of the system.