Baxtre can be easily interfaced with virtually every other system, freeing the treasury from usually expensive and often ineffective common platform requirements, as no single platform is capable to deliver all solutions required and certainly not low cost.

Electronic Banking Interfaces

Baxtre interfaces with in principle every Electronic Banking system in the world, allowing for example to build a very cost effective world-wide balance information retrieval system through interfaces with locally used EB-systems.

Interfaces with Electronic Deal Stations

Interfacing Baxtre with Electronic Deal Stations eliminates a lot of unnecessary work and mistakes. The resulting productivity boost is pure profit.

Rates interfaces

Obviously these include interfaces with data-vendor systems. But equally interesting is for example an interface with a bank, automating the (daily) supply of all EONIA-rates for all (cash-pool) accounts in all currencies.

Interfacing with other treasury systems

Currently various Baxtre's are fully interfaced, both with high- and low-end treasury systems. Why push out an effective local cash management system when it is also possible to interface it with Baxtre. Similarly Baxtre is used as global treasury system in combination with a very expensive high-end treasury system for corporate treasury purposes. Simple and very cost effective.

Interfaces with ERP-systems

Effective netting and cross company accounting largely relies on effective interfaces with ERP-systems. The best solutions are those based on standard interfaces. Baxtre can handle them all. Very interesting too is Straight Through Processing of corporate treasury deals. Much more effective than manual entries and a Baxtre CSV file of the deals/contracts is standardly available. Or an export can be created from the intercompany accounts, in a standard banking format like MT940 or CODA. This way intercompany accounts can be handled just like external bank accounts in the reconciliation process.