Functional Capabilities

Baxtre is designed to support the Financial Resource Management function of multi-entity / multi-level corporations. To meet the specific requirements of this function, Baxtre's functional capabilities cover a broad range of area's including:

  • Multi-currency cash management
  • Long & short term debt management
  • Long & short term investment management
  • Credit facility management
  • Currency risk management
  • Interest risk management
  • Mark to market valuation
  • Counterparty risk management
  • In-house banking & intercompany credit limit management
  • Netting & cross company accounting
  • Cash flow planning
  • Deal registration
  • Bank relation management
  • Treasury management information
  • Treasury accounting support

Certain functionalities, such as those incorporated in electronic banking systems, electronic deal stations, data vendor systems, etc., are not covered in Baxtre, as it is much better to interface with them, leaving Baxtre users a free choice of providers of these systems.