Baxtre Treasury Management System

Functional Capabilities

Baxtre is designed to support the Financial Resource Management function of multi-entity / multi-level corporations. Consequently, its Functional Capabilities are specified accordingly to meet the specific requirements of this function.

Multi-entity Multi-level Structure

Baxtre has an unique Multi-entity Multi-level Structure, providing for unlimited power and versatility.

Modular Design

Every Baxtre comes as a base system that can be supplemented with contract modules and system supplements.

Thanks to this Modular Design every Baxtre can be made to measure according to current needs, ensuring at the same time that future needs can be easily met with "plug in" extensions.

System Versions

Baxtre can be supplied in a Corporate or in a Global system version. The latter facilitates selective access from anywhere in the world to predetermined entities and consolidation levels. The Corporate version allows to choose between single- and multi-user, the Global version is always multi-user. All versions are exchangable without conversion. Thus, Baxtre's System Versions facilitate any growth of its users.


Baxtre can easily be interfaced with virtually every other system, freeing the treasury from expensive and ineffective common platform requirements. Currently Baxtre is interfaced with other treasury systems, electronic banking systems, ERP systems (SAP, a.o.) and market data systems and many more are coming. Interfaces are the future.