Baxtre Technical Information


Baxtre supports functional processes in the entire organization.

The information required to manage Treasury processes is necessarily multi-leveled. It involves bottom-up as well as top-down processes with layers in between. The actual position information (liquidity, currency, interest etc) consists of specifications that may widely vary per participant. External data, provided by banks and data vendors, are part of that information.

To secure the quality of data and the efficiency of data-exchange in this process, all participants, wherever located, need to be able to access one well segmented corporate-wide system.



System versions and technical infrastructure

Depending on the system version Baxtre allows distributed access to each or all entities in a corporation by one or more concurrent users. The different system versions are :

  1. Corporate / single user (one user with access to all entities)
  2. Corporate / multi user (concurrent users, all with access to all entities)
  3. Global / multi user (idem, but access to be specified per user / per entity)

The choice for a particular version of Baxtre and the technical infrastructure required are very much interrelated. The above mentioned system versions are all interchangeable, at any time and without any consequence for any data. Similarly, all Baxtre modules and system supplements can be added or eliminated, regardless of the system version in use. This allows Baxtre to be adjusted, not only initially, but at all times to any (change in) functional requirements without any system consequences.

Corporate / Single User Version

This version can be installed on any single PC or laptop, but also on a server in any network. Technically, a stand-alone set-up is a perfectly feasible option, especially in terms of performance. However, organizing daily back-ups might be a problem. In this situation, we recommend installation on a network server, provided the LAN or WAN meets the requirements. A network set-up also facilitates some distributed use, although concurrent use remains impossible.

Corporate / Multi User Version

In a multi user environment, multiple concurrent users need to access Baxtre. Mostly, users of a Corporate Multi User version are part of one entity (headquarters) and they are probably already connected to a LAN or WAN. If Baxtre is added to this network, the main technical element to be considered is the file I/O over the network in accessing the Baxtre database on the server. Performance in this setup is influenced by the total number of concurrent users in the network and network bandwidth, making Baxtre's performance dependent on the performance of this existing network

If performance in a LAN / WAN set-up is unsatisfactory, we recommend a BAAS solution with always optimal performance or a thin client solution as described hereafter.


Global / Multi User Version

This version allows Baxtre to be employed worldwide. The Global Baxtre offers selective access to any entity or any group of entities (consolitation levels) defined in Baxtre. Thus, one Baxtre can simultaneously serve the corporate treasury as well as individual operating companies and/or regional treasuries. Users have only access to the entities they are entitled to.
A choice for a Global Baxtre usually also implies that all entities have to participate to achieve accurate consolidated positions. (The upload of data from external sources like banks and data vendors can be centralized)

To share one application worldwide is extremely efficient, but it will generate concurrent network usage.

For these kinds of situations and in cases mentioned above we recommend the use of BAXTRE-As-A-Service (BAAS) or alternatively  thin client and virtual network solutions if Baxtre has to be installed on the clients server.
Thin client performance is much better than the traditional networking technique of remote file access, because in a thin client configuration the data access is local. Server processing eliminates file operations over the network. This reduces network traffic and improves response time, because screen I/O is much less than the file I/O. The following options for thin client installations could be considered :


a) We recommend the use of a CitrixTM based solution. The absence of any link to other systems or applications makes an easy Baxtre installation possible. Thin clients connect to the server through the WAN or a Citrix Access Gateway. This Access Gateway is an important feature, because it allows Baxtre to be implemented as a fully serviced "Internet application".

b) If no client server environment exists, a specific Baxtre thin client solution (Acuthin) is available. This solution is cheap and effective, but limited to Baxtre and it cannot provide for secure access through internet.


Application & Database

Database and program files are fully separated.

The design of the Baxtre database is based on a flat file structure, without any link to other systems or applications, resulting in a fast and stable system. There are no intrinsic limits to the Baxtre database.

Installing Baxtre on a server of the client is based on the Windows installer. Baxtre it does not make changes to the Windows registry nor adds or overwrites DLLs in the Windows system directories. A Baxtre installation does therefore not influence the Windows environment.

Baxtre is configured with a single INI-configuration file. To use Baxtre, clients only have to point to this configuration file or use a copy of this file, slightly modified if desired. This makes Baxtre flexible and easy to relocate. Neither installation nor operation or maintenance of Baxtre requires significant IT support capacity. The support can be reduced by using the application maintenance service of the Baxtre helpdesk, which is also included in the BAAS solution.

Back up

The Baxtre database needs to be backed-up daily when installed on the client server. With BAAS back-ups are taking care of.

Baxtre also has an integrated back-up facility, allowing to copy database ánd system files. The purpose of this function is to "freeze" the system at predetermined dates, to allow a recall of all positions of that date, disregarding later software-updates and / or information, unknown at the time.

In both cases it is required that no users are active in Baxtre, as the database files may not be in use during back-up. It is recommended to schedule a network back-up in a maintenance window.