Baxtre Helpdesk


When internal control measurements prohibit the treasury to manage certain incidental adjustments to the application, these tasks can be outsourced to the Baxtre Helpdesk. These services will be added to the Baxtre installation and maintenance contract.

Security administration service

This service includes the management within Baxtre of users and front-office dealers and their respective authorisations. An authorised official within the company is able to request modifications in the company's security administration.

Application maintenance service

This service consists of keeping Baxtre fully up to date, so installing patches or upgrades by ICT is no longer necessary. ICT will provide the infrastructure and security access, the Baxtre helpdesk will take care of all maintenance of the application.

Extended application maintenance service

The extended application maintenance service is the Application maintenance service extended with Master file maintenance. Master file maintenance consists of handling modifications in the company's master files.

The (Extended) Application maintenance service is only available if the technical infrastructure allows for a secure remote access connection.