Baxtre Support

Organisation and Services

A system is as good as its support. Baxtre Partners has always placed great emphasis on support, which has resulted in an excellent track-record for both the support organisation and the support services.

Baxtre Helpdesk

The Baxtre Helpdesk provides technical support to existing Baxtre users and technical installation support for new installations, new system versions, updates, etc.

Baxtre Competence Centre

The Baxtre Competence Centre focusses on functional support services to existing Baxtre users and implementation services for new customers.

Baxtre Services

Internal control measurements will often prohibit the treasury to manage certain tasks by themselves. But "outsourcing" this task to another department within the company might be subject to poor availability of support or system knowledge. Under these circumstances, companies can outsource the Baxtre security administration, the Baxtre application maintenance and the Baxtre master file maintenance to the Baxtre Helpdesk.

Baxtre Website

This Baxtre Website has a separate customer area, that provides answers to frequently asked questions, detailed information about all parts of the system and download services with regard to software-upgrades, -updates and -patches.

Escrow Services

Baxtre Partners has deposited all Baxtre source-code and technical documentation with Escrow Europe, an independent company specializing in software escrow services. Baxtre users can contract these services separately and will be charged by Escrow Europe.