Software as a Service (SaaS) is a powerful business model  based on a way of delivering software as a service.

Baxtre-As-A-Service (BAAS) is a SaaS solution for Baxtre customers. This includes hosting with global access, security and application maintenance of Baxtre. BAAS clients do not have to install and maintain the Baxtre software, set up a server and install server software, they simply access Baxtre via a remote desktop connection. Just an internet connection is required for access. BAAS delivers substantial benefits over the traditional software model, amongst others removing IT bottlenecks like a strict common platform strategy or outsourced IT support which can delay a Baxtre implementation.

Key benefits BAAS include:

  • Optimal performance.
  • Optimal support, the Baxtre Helpdesk is available for all Baxtre related issues.
  • Global access (from office and home).
  • Short implementation period, the BAAS solution is quickly available and optimal configured by Baxtre experts.
  • Automatic up-to-date.
  • Valuable data is secure and automatically backed up.


For more (technical) background information, please contact the Baxtre helpdesk.