Treasury management system for corporates

Baxtre is a modular treasury management system that is specifically designed for corporates with a treasury staff of 1-5 fte. Baxtre supports a wide range of activities with a minimum of effort. Baxtre uses standardized procedures, based on generally accepted best practices and backed by more than 20 years of experience in corporate treasury management.


The Baxtre distinct qualities

  • Baxtre consists of a base system and 17 contract modules + 12 system supplements to choose from. Your Baxtre will be tailor made for your treasury.
  • Many years of further development are behind features that will enhance your efficiency.
  • An amazing short implementation time of max 4 weeks.
  • No parameterization is required. You use the choices of treasury professionals.
  • Baxtre-As-A-Service: Just an internet connection is required for access,
    with this 'cloud' hosting option.
  • If installed on proprietary servers : Baxtre has no impact on other systems.


Versatile system versions: Global multi-user and Corporate multi- and single-user

The Global version offers selective access per user per entity and per counterparty. This Global Baxtre supports not only the Central treasury but allow subsidiaries and / or regional treasuries to have their own Baxtre.  Some consolidation levels are standard like countries, but many more can be defined freely over all defined entities and counterparties (i.e. Divisions).
With the Corporate versions users can always access all defined entities and counterparties, but all versions have the same functional capabilities. The system operates as web based except for the single user configuration.

Unequalled implementation time

A typical implementation project does not take more than 3-4 weeks, leading to a fully operational central system. Training of staff is functional support and included in this time frame, but any additional projects like the input of many historical data, if required, is not included. All implementations are executed by the Baxtre Competence Centre and include all IT issues, set-up and start-up of the system according to agreed specifications.

Fee structure

The operating costs of Baxtre (apart from internal costs) is a yearly technical maintenance fee which depends on the system version as well as the number of contract modules and system supplements. The maintenance fee covers also the costs of technical updates by service packs and new versions.

A onetime low license fee is required depending on the system version.  The other part of the Baxtre initial costs is functional support / training. The required functional support  is dependent on the treasury organization of the new Baxtre customer and the contract modules and supplements the customer will use.